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Cover your Business and its Assets with Short Term Business Insurance.

Ensure you're covered from top to bottom with our wide range of benefits and Risk Solutions.

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Portable Cover.

Protect your goods in transit and any business assets that may be removed and transported such as laptops and tablets.

Company Focus.

Focus on your company knowing your buildings, machinery,vehicles and services are protected.

Fast Response Rate.

Don’t lose money waiting for a claim to be processed. Our claims are processed and paid, fast.

Your Business Covered.

From Building and Car Insurance to Goods in Transit and Machinery Insurance, your business is covered.

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Perhaps your greatest company asset is your vehicles? Ensure they remain protected from damage, theft and hijack as well as acts of nature and fire.

Cover your property or properties inclusive of fittings and fixtures and external signs and stay protected from the unexpected such as fallen trees, accidental damage and theft.

Not only can you insure your office furniture but your documents such as agreements, deeds and Wills can be covered too.


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The Perfect Ratio. The Perfect Financial Institution. From Short Term Insurance to Investments and Estate Administration, 1.618 Advisory Services is here to help clients live the Perfect Life.

Ensure Peace of Mind for Your Future. From Medical Aid and Business Assurance to Investments and Retirement Planning, 1.618 Financial Services is here to help clients secure their wealth.

Strategy + 1.618 = Protection Guaranteed. From Car, Household and General Insurance to Business and Commercial Insurance, 1.618 Short Term Solutions is here to help clients live their lives risk-free.

With the UK Branch of 1.618, Discover Your Perfect Health to Wellness Ratio. From Investments to Health Insurance and Life Cover, 1.618 Advisory UK is here to help clients live happy, healthy lives.

Medical consultations with our qualified medical team of consultants, who are here to discuss your wellness concerns, help you manage any existing medical conditions and keep potential problems in check.

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