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Personal or Business Cover for Your Car.

Choose from Comprehensive to Third Party Car Insurance and protect your car from theft, accidental damage and fire.

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Excess Flexibility.

Choose your plan and choose your excess from fixed or flexible to no excess whatsoever.

Roadside Assistance.

Support when you need it with free 24 hour roadside assistance.

Additional Benefits.

Discover outstanding benefits from cash back bonuses and discounted premiums to cover for car hire or Uber.

Your Car Covered.

Get Car Insurance for South African registered motor vehicles, motorcycles, caravans and light delivery vehicles, to name a few.

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A comprehensive solution that covers theft, fire and accident damage on your part and the part of others. Includes cover for medical costs and towing and storage.

Protect your vehicle from accidental loss, theft, hijacking or fire with optional cover for non-standard sound equipment, accessories and car-hire.

Cover for accidental injury or damage to others on your part.


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