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Be Prepared for the Unexpected with Gap Cover.

Choose between Gap Cover and Supplementary Gap Cover and ensure you won't be held liable for any unexpected medical costs.

Gap Cover
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Specialised Cover.

If your approved in-hospital specialist claim is higher than what your medical scheme has agreed to pay out, Discovery Gap Cover will cover up to 200%.

Premium Payouts.

Supplementary Gap Cover ensures your premiums are covered in the event of your death, disability or severe illness.

Shortfall Protection.

Receive up to R100 000 a year for shortfalls on approved cancer-related claims once your oncology threshold has been reached.

Your Health In
Perfect Hands.

Your health is your single most important asset and your greatest wealth. We are here to help ensure your health stays perfect by guiding you through Discovery's Gap Cover plans and advising you on an option that suits you, as well as assist with the often overwhelming process of authorisation, claims and administration.

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Prepare for the Unexpected.

Each and every Medical Aid plan has its limits which is why Gap Cover is an excellent investment. Gap Cover ensures all of your medical bills and premiums are paid and is essential for those unexpected costs due to death, disability or severe illness.

Gap Cover from from R95.

When your approved in-hospital specialist claim is higher than what your medical scheme has agreed to pay, Discovery Gap Cover will cover up to 200% of the medical scheme rate.

Depending on your Discovery Vitality status, health plan type and family structure, the Hospital Admission Benefit Extender provides additional gap cover of up to R20 000 per year and if you select the Comprehensive option you'll be covered for specific, approved out-of-hospital shortfalls.

Once you reach your oncology threshold, Discovery will cover up to R100 000 a year for cancer-related shortfalls, depending on which Gap Cover option you choose. All options include the Scopes and Scans Benefit Extender, providing cover for co-payments and out-of-hospital MRI and CT scan deductibles.

The Discovery Gap Comprehensive option provides cover, while you travel outside of South Africa, for shortfalls on approved emergency medical claims.

Get Supplementary Gap Cover from R70.

Upon diagnosis of qualifying illnesses associated with high treatment costs, Discovery assists with funding for advanced genomic sequencing for specific cancers and pays a lump sum of up to R550 000.

Get cover for your Medical Aid, Vitality and Gap Cover premiums when you can't pay them due to death, disability or severe illness.

In the event of your spouse or yourself, suffering from a qualifying life-changing event, Discovery will pay up to R10 000 to assist with home nursing and other medical costs.

Get rewarded, depending on your Vitality status you could receive up to 25% of your premiums back every year!

The Most Affordable Premium.

Starting at R70, Discovery's Gap Cover is the perfect addition to your Medical Aid. Not only is it affordable but premiums are based on your medical needs. One would need to be a member of a Discovery Health Medical plan (KeyCare plans are not included,) and a waiting period may apply based on how long you have been with Discovery Health.


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