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Protection Guaranteed.

From Car, Household and General Insurance to Business and Commercial Insurance, 1.618 Short Term Solutions is here to help you live your life risk free.

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Car Insurance.

Receive specialised benefits like cashback bonuses or premiums that lower monthly for your personal or business vehicle.

Household Insurance.

Explore a number of Home Contents Insurance options and ensure your belongings are covered against theft, damage and loss.

Business Insurance.

Thoroughly cover your company with our comprehensive range of Short Term Business solutions.

Protection Guaranteed.

We at 1.618 Short Term Solutions are dedicated to partnering you with your perfect plan so you can live your life knowing your belongings and loved ones are taken care of.

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Save up to 25% Now

Why Choose Us ?

When you choose us, you're choosing to partner with leading Insurance brands such as Santam, CIB, Discovery Insure, Monitor and Consort to name a few.

Your cover is reviewed and updated annually with a tailored solution to meet your individual needs.

When it comes time to claim, we are on your side by ensuring that your claims are paid out fairly, fast and with as little stress as possible.


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An Independent Financial Services Provider dedicated to helping clients secure their wealth by providing world-class Medical Aid, Business Assurance, Investment, Retirement Planning and more.

1.618 Advisory Services UK allows you to discover Your Perfect Health to Wellness Ratio. From Investments to Health Insurance and Life Cover, 1.618 Advisory Services UK is here to help clients live happy, healthy lives.

1.618 Wellness gives you access to medical consultations with our qualified medical team, who are there to discuss your wellness concerns, help you manage any existing medical conditions and keep potential problems in check.


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