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The Perfect Ratio.
The Perfect Short Term Solution

Our Golden Ratio is the structure for perfect synergy and growth, which is why we have adopted this principle as a firm to ensure you live a risk-free life.

The 1.618 STS Team

The 1.618 team is made up of highly skilled Commercial and Domestic Advisors, whose aim it is to ensure that you have comprehensive cover in place to protect your belongings and assets. With services in short-term insurance, we are dedicated to ensuring that you reap paramount benefits through our planners’ professionalism.

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The Golden Ratio

The “Golden Ratio” is a mathematical proportion expressed algebraically as the ratio 1.618. It is found everywhere in music, art, architecture and nature. The ancient Greeks used the Golden Ratio in building the Parthenon, and it was utilised by the Egyptians in the construction of the Great Pyramid of Khufu in the twentieth century BC. The ratio is evident in the seed patterns within sunflowers, the leaf arrangement of flower petals, and the spiral structure of the nautilus shell, from which our symbol is derived.