commercial INSURANCE

Covering Your Business and Its Assets.

Commercial Insurance

We understand that running a successful business takes years of hard work and the right partnerships. Ensure you're covered from top to bottom with our wide range of benefits and Risk Solutions tailored to suit your business needs.

Fire & Allied Peril cover

Fire and allied peril cover is an insurance policy that protects you from unexpected losses due to accidental fire, explosions, floods, and earthquakes.

Buildings Combined cover

Cover your property or properties, inclusive of fittings and fixtures, and stay protected from the unexpected; such as loss of rent, fallen trees, accidental damage, and theft. Ensuring your building is covered comprehensively.

Office Contents cover

Office contents cover refers to your movable office property. Not only can you insure your office furniture, but your documents such as agreements, deeds, and Wills can be covered too. You can insure office contents against a range of nominated risks as well.

Business Interruption cover

Business interruption compensates your business against the financial impact consequent upon physical damage to either your property or that of your customers and suppliers.

Accounts receivable cover

Accounts receivable insurance covers your business against any losses caused by the inability to collect payment from a customer for a variety of reasons. Accounts receivable insurance covers your business against losses your business might experience when you can’t collect payment from your customers.

Theft cover

We will cover your business contents against loss of damage after forcible and violent entry or exit into your building, This section includes cover in the event of an armed robbery. Our insurers also cover for damage to buildings as well as damage to fixtures and fittings.

Money Cover

Money insurance protects you financially against the loss of, or damage to, your money kept at your business or during transit. Always ensure that you have the correct grading safe that is applicable to your sum insured.

Glass cover

Glass insurance is insurance coverage for glass installations on the property. It can provide compensation for losses incurred as the result of a damaged or completely broken piece of glass on a property, including sign writing. Glass is often a part of one’s property in the form of windows and doors.

Fidelity Insurance

This class of insurance protects your business against losses incurred through fraud, theft, or other acts of dishonesty which involve your employees. This usually results in the dishonest personal financial gain for an employee.

Goods in transit cover

This product will cover your goods / subject matter insured from physical loss of or damage while being transported from one place to another destination by various types of land conveyances.

Business All Risks Insurance

Business all risk cover is one of the most comprehensive types of cover available under your business insurance policy. This covers items which belong to the policyholder and are usually worn or taken away from the business risk address.

Accidental damage cover

Accidental damage insurance acts as a safety net, covering the accidental physical loss of, or damage to property that is not covered in any other section of the policy.

Public Liability cover

Public liability insurance is designed to protect your business from claims by customers or clients in the event of accidental death, bodily injury, illness, or accidental loss or damage to the property of another party.

Employers liability cover

Employers liability insurance covers damages for claims from an employee sustaining personal injury in the course of their employment. It includes defence costs incurred by investigating and/ or defending claims or proceedings by the employee.

Group personal accident cover

Group personal accident policy assures that the claim gets settled quickly, in case any employee dies or injured and suffers a permanent disability, temporary total disability or any other medical expenses. The claim of the policy is paid to the policyholder or his/her nominee.

Stated Benefits

The company will pay to the insured, on behalf of such person or his estate, the compensation stated in the schedule in the event of accidental bodily injury to any such person directly and independently of all other causes resulting within 24 calendar months in death or disability as specified in the schedule.

Business Vehicle insurance

Business vehicle insurance is designed to cover vehicles owned by businesses or used for business purposes. Companies and organisations may insure any motorised vehicles they own and use for business against risks like theft, fire, accidents, and third-party claims with this type of cover. Different options of cover may be selected and arranged either on a fleet or specified unit basis

Electronic equipment cover

Electronic equipment insurance is intended to cover all types of electronic equipment within the business. This policy covers loss of, or damage to, electronic equipment described in the schedule at your premises, and when that property is temporarily removed from your premises to any other location.

Motor Traders internal

Internal motor traders insurance provides cover for loss or damage to vehicles whilst on your business premises for which you are legally liable for and that is within your custody and your control.

Motor Traders External

External motor traders Insurance provides cover for loss or damage to Vehicles not kept on the premises,but whilst they still in your custody and control.

Machinery breakdown

Machinery breakdown insurance is designed to provide indemnity for sudden and unforeseen physical loss of or damage to the property insured. The indemnity commences on completion of successful commissioning and testing of the machinery at the insured’s premises.

Deterioration of stock following machinery breakdown

Deterioration insurance covers damage to goods in cold storage caused by temperature changes or equipment breakdown.