Personal & Business

The nature of cyber-risk is growing more complex, it needs a more specialised and focused approach.

Personal Cyber Insurance
Business Cyber Insurance

Keep yourself safe from unauthorised transfer of funds or stolen/manipulated identity.


Keep yourself safe from being perpetrated whilst shopping or banking.

Deposit Scams

Protect yourself from falling victim as a policyholder whose deposits have been transferred into a scammer's bank account.

Events Liability
  • Travel Insurance/ Holiday Scams
  • Bogus Property Rentals
  • Malware
  • ATM fraud
  • Investment fraud
Third-party liability

Reimbursing customers, partners, and other stakeholders for damages caused by a cyber-incident.

Legal costs

Providing cover for the costs of fighting legal action that results from a cyber-incident and the appointment of a legal team.


Help mobilise resources to alert customers of a data breach or other technology issue that affects them.

Public Relations

Appointing a reputation management team to help minimise long-term damage to the company’s brand and reputation.

Fines and Regulatory Action

Cover against penalties and fines imposed by regulators.


Helping customers to monitor for credit identity theft after a breach. Business interruption and systems/data recovery costs. Covering forensic investigation costs.

Business Interuption Costs

Providing lost income to you following a cyber incident