engineering INSURANCE

Coverage for Industries Involved in Construction.
Be they commercial, residential, or civil.

Engineering Insurance
Contractors All Risks Insurance

This insurance comprehensively covers all forms of building and civil engineering construction. The cover operates whilst projects are underway on an all risks basis.

Plant All Risks Insurance

This coverage is arranged on an all risks basis to ensure that loss of or damage to the equipment used does not impede the success of the project. The protection to plant/equipment applies whilst on site, in transit, or whilst in storage.

Erection All Risk Insurance

The erection all risk insurance covers losses during the installation of machinery and equipment in projects.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

This policy caters to those unforeseen mechanical or electrical breakdowns of machinery. In order to control the costs of the insurance, it is recommended that only key items are selected for coverage.

Machinery Breakdown Loss Of Profit

Machinery Breakdown loss Of profit (MBLOP) is a policy designed to provide coverage for financial loss resulting from a machinery breakdown. This policy must be issued concurrently with the Machinery Breakdown Insurance policy.

Deterioration of Stock Insurance following Machinery Breakdown

The quality of stock or produce may be adversely affected because of the sudden breakdown of the machinery. This policy will extend to indemnifying you against such an event.

Public Liability

In concluding any contract or through an operating plant in projects, the nature of activities performed attracts potential liability risks. This policy indemnifies your company, and subcontractors who are determined to be legally responsible for damage to the property of third parties or injuries that you may have caused.